Do you find requests and responses, methods and status codes confusing? Here’s an article to get things right in the simplest manner.

Short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, HTTP is a protocol that basically works as a language that is used for the communication between a server and a client

Aimed for those who are familiar with programming languages, this article is meant to teach you TypeScript quickly.

TypeScript is a Superset of JavaScript

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language that is the superset of JavaScript. Hence, the existing programs written in JavsScript will also work for the TypeScript syntax. …

In this article we’ll talk about the standards and regulations for IoT systems, local and global.

Since the IoT devices contain personal data, it’s important to ensure protection of the user data. Hence, we have local and global regulations. Your device should follow the standards and regulations of both your…

Building an IoT system? Better ensure security.

As the technology advances, so does IoT(Internet of Things) systems, but this process brings many security bugs with it. Nowadays we have so many more connected devices and are creating a much wider web, therefore we have much bigger security concerns.

The act of securing the IoT devices and the…

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