Used often within development teams, YouTrack needs to be studied in order to be used. Let’s begin!

YouTrack is a project management software developed by JetBrains. It’s in the form of a plugin that can be attached to the JetBrains IDEs such as Intellij Idea, and helps create and assign tasks to a development team as well as track the progress of working.


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YouTrack works with what we all an Issue. An issue…

Aimed for those who are familiar with programming languages, this article is meant to teach you TypeScript quickly.

TypeScript is a Superset of JavaScript

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language that is the superset of JavaScript. Hence, the existing programs written in JavsScript will also work for the TypeScript syntax. It’s mostly used for developing JavaScript applications, and web applications alongside other tools such as Google’s Angular framework or Node.js.

Unlike the programming languages used nowadays, JavaScript is more dynamic. For example, JavaScript is a scripting language and therefore doesn’t support structures such as objects and classes as C++ or Python does. Furthermore, JavaScript doesn’t support Static…

From scratch, with each and every single detail covered, this article is the only guide you’ll need to build and publish your very first e-commerce website.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce tool used for building an online shop via WordPress. It’s an easy and safe way, and basically, works as a plugin. If you are not familiar with WordPress or WooCommerce, or any other methods of building a website let alone a shopping one, fear not! I’ll guide you through each step in this, single article. Just grab a cup of coffee and follow along.

Step 1: Domain and Hosting

Before we start building our website…

State Diagrams are commonly used when designing an object-oriented program. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into what a state diagram is and how to prepare one.

Figure 1: The State Diagram of a Door

Did you know that there are actually fourteen (14) types of UML diagrams? Well, now you do! Depending on the program you are developing, one or the other might suit your needs. For example, if your program heavily relies on class structures, you might benefit more from using a class diagram. On the other hand, if timing is very important for your program, you might want to use a timing diagram. …

In this article we’ll talk about the standards and regulations for IoT systems, local and global.

Since the IoT devices contain personal data, it’s important to ensure protection of the user data. Hence, we have local and global regulations. Your device should follow the standards and regulations of both your country and region and the global ones. For Europe, we follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): a law set by the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) on data protection. Besides that, each country has their own Cyber Security laws and regulations. …

Building an IoT system? Better ensure security.

As the technology advances, so does IoT(Internet of Things) systems, but this process brings many security bugs with it. Nowadays we have so many more connected devices and are creating a much wider web, therefore we have much bigger security concerns.

The act of securing the IoT devices and the web they are connected to is called IoT Security. It consists of;

  • Designing a safe architecture design for new IoT devices and solutions
  • Performing through security tests for IoT devices and solutions
  • Working under the regulations of personal data security and cybersecurity

An example on the importance of the security…

Software engineering carries far more responsibilities than simply using the technical skills such as a programming language or database management. But what exactly is ethical in a world that is so new and constantly developing, how do we decide? Here’s a guide on how to be a good software engineer.

Any software engineer that respects their job will show honesty and ethical choices through their career and keep in mind, ethical choices doesn’t only consist of what’s legal but also what’s good for the individual and for the society.

A software engineer holds the professional responsibilities of;

  1. Privacy: Regardless whether…

Basic Principles of Software Development

While the techniques and tools you will have to use depends on the type of software you’re developing and the needs of it, there are some basic principles that can be applied to all things software.

Principle 1: Although the development process might change depending on the type of the software we are developing, all software must still be developed using development processes that are easy to understand and manage.

Principle 2: Safety, dependability and performance are criterions that should be prioritized by all types of software.

Principle 3: The description and the requirements of the software to be developed…

In today’s world, the economy of any developed country depends on software. Every day more and more system is getting controlled by a piece of software.

Software engineering is about the theory, method and tools that you need in order to build better, more professional software. Many well-developed countries spare a huge percentage of national wealth on software development. Most of the time, the cost of the software development is higher than the cost of the hardware required to build an IT system. The cost of development for all the software within your laptop that you use currently is far…

Every programmer/engineer/IT professional will come across a “feasibility report” request within their career. But what is that, and how do you create one? This article will guide you through the task.

Feasibility is the act of evaluating the conditions and determining whether the benefits of completing a task covers the cost of said task or not, therefore whether it’s worth doing the task or not. A feasibility report, often asked for before starting any project, is a report that holds the overall analysis and the feasibility of the project.

A software project, or rather a program, is a solution to…

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